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Turn A Stopover In Vernier Into A Magical Visit With The Help Of Escort Geneva

Business trips are often boring and dull, but we at Escort Geneva believe that it's about time to change that perspective. Say goodbye to lonely nights and boring days during your stay at Vernier and coast to a different path. The path that we would like to offer you will erase all the uninteresting memories you've had in all your previous trips and will replace it with exciting and marvelous adventures that you will always remember without fail.

Our Escort Geneva girls will be the fresh breeze you have been craving and they will provide you the best company you could ever ask for. Let them take you to the most popular cafes, restaurants and clubs in Vernier and show you how to turn boring trips into eventful ones!


L'auberge de la Mairie

Located at: 13 rue du village, 1214 Vernier
Phone Number: 022 341 31 75

This cafe and restaurant located in the center of Vernier serves flavorful and exceptional traditional dishes. The restaurant has a classy and neat interior that will greatly contribute in making your stay very comfortable. They have a friendly and accommodating staff that will answer your requests in the most professional manner. They serve dishes made from fresh meat, fish and produce to guarantee a healthy and sumptuous meal. They also have a nice selection of popular wines and are very proud to serve great tasting coffee and teas. You and your date can share a nice moment together at L'auberge de la Mairie while you take your time to find out many entertaining things about your date.

Le Café des Bains

Located at: Rue des Bains 26, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 321 57 98

Le Café des Bains is a timeless town bistro that you will find 15 minutes away from Vernier. They reopened in 2000 after the careful renovation of the cafe. Now, Le Café des Bains could not be prouder to introduce an elegant and sophisticated cafe to its former patrons and new visitors. With all its glory, we are sure that Le Café des Bains is going to be one of your favorite hangout places with your date during your stay at Vernier.

The cafe has a huge and remarkably designed interior and a very spacious and cool patio where you and your Escort Geneva date can marvel at the wonderful taste of the traditional dishes that they serve. This cafe will provide you with a luxurious and exemplary dining experience that is perfect to share with a beautiful and amazing companion. Have a nice cup of coffee under some shade or grab some drinks from their modern bar and share a nice afternoon with your date at Le Café des Bains.


Café-Restaurant Aviation

Located at: Chemin des Coquelicots 18, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 341 12 32

The friendly and accommodating owners of Café-Restaurant Aviation warmly welcome you to this praise-worthy food paradise in Vernier. The restaurant's most famous specialty is their steak caravelle, which has effortlessly won the hearts of many visitors of this restaurant since 1960. Their meals are served with a special salad and fresh homemade fries. You and your date can spend some quality time on their elegant patio during the summertime. Some of the restaurant's guests even choose to sit on the grass, under the cool shade during the summer while they enjoy a lovely conversation with their friends with a cool drink in their hands.

Restaurant La Grange

Located at: Rue du Village 64, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 341 42 20

Restaurant La Grange is situated in the central street of Vernier right across the Chauvet Lullin Park. They started serving their tasty dishes in 2002 and is being managed by the warm and friendly owners. This rustic and classic restaurant in Vernier has been providing their guests with exceptional service and delicious meals over the years. Inside the restaurant you'll find marvelous pieces of art that enhance the elegant ambiance of this restaurant. They also have an outdoor patio where they can serve your meals during the summer, as it's located in a perfectly paved courtyard filled with flowers and shaded by trees.


Suite Novotel Geneva

Located at: Avenue Louis-Casai 30, 1216 Genève, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 710 46 46

This big hotel is conveniently situated near the Geneva Airport and is close to some of the major tourist attractions you will find in Geneva. Staying at this hotel will make it more convenient to visit most of these places as they are more accessible from where you will be staying. The hotel features their own coffeeshop, restaurant and a magnificent garden. They are also proud to present their large and modern rooms that are complete with many amenities to ensure the convenience and comfort of their guests. You and your date can take advantage of their reasonably priced rooms and experience all the benefits provided by this highly rated hotel in Geneva.

Hotel Phoenix

Located at: Avenue Louis-Casai 79, 1216 Cointrin, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 710 03 03

Hotel Phoenix is located in nearby Coitrin and is ideally located near the airport and the city center. It is a good hotel if you would want to spend less in your accommodation and use most of your time going to different places while you are at Vernier. Since the hotel is in the heart of the city, it will be easy for you and your date to find different establishments where you can party and have a good time. There are many pubs, coffee shops, marijuana bars and clubs nearby so your entertainment and enjoyment is guaranteed.



Located at: Rue Rodo 2, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 321 41 23

Get the best out of your visit to Vernier by making sure that you experience the extreme pleasure that the women of Venusia can give you. Our Escort Geneva ladies will be very happy to share a hot and steamy night with you and one of Venusia's talented girls. Take a look at their "Pleasure's Menu" and choose how you want your night to evolve. Venusia has several themed rooms that will cater to your desires, fetishes and fantasies. Look forward to having your deepest fantasies fulfilled by gorgeous and sensual women who won't stop until you are completely satisfied.

Take control of how your trip should be like and don't spend your stay at Vernier without having fun. Let our girls show you how things are done; contact us at Escort Geneva today and arrange a date with one of our lovely ladies.

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