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Make Your Visit To Saint-Sulpice Amazing. Make It Better With The Perfect Date From Escort Geneva 

Don't let you visit to Saint-Sulpice go by without having a wonderful memory to take with you when you go home. Let our city surprise you with all the fun and excitement it can offer and share your beautiful days in Saint-Sulpice with one of our alluring ladies from Escort Geneva.

We promise to not only show you around but also to give you a wonderful vacation that you will always remember. Our girls will be glad to take you to the places we have picked especially for you, so go ahead and have a look.


Bubble Café

Located at: Route de Bel-Air 1, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 311 36 55

If you want to skip the hustle and bustle of the busy city, our Escort Geneva girls can take you to Bubble Café. This café is about 15 minutes away from Saint-Sulpice and is located in the heart of the neighboring city, Lausanne. The owners of Bubble Café believe that everyone deserves to find a peaceful getaway, a place where people will feel pampered and served only with the best meals and beverages.

They continuously try to improve and find new recipes for their cakes and pastries to ensure that their guests are served with something special and flavourful. They are also know for serving the best coffee in Lausanne and has gained the hearts of many locals and tourist over the years. The café has a bright interior and a warm ambiance that promises a great time with your Escort Geneva date!

Café Des Avenues

Located at: Avenue de Jurigoz 20, 1006 Lausanne
Phone Number: +41 21 616 11 11

Café Des Avenues welcomes you to a place that will take you back to the old times. The café looks like an old, classic brewery but filled with comfortable and classy furniture. It has a spacious and well lit interior fit for a nice, long conversation. The aroma of their coffee is also very inviting and if you have a taste for great coffee, Café Des Avenues will not disappoint you. They also offer lunch and dinner with different items on their menu every week.

If you only want light snacks they can serve you pastries, waffles and cakes that you can partner with your coffee or any drink of your choice. You and your date can plan the rest of the day while you sit back and enjoy your coffee and think of other fun things that you can do while you are in Saint-Sulpice.


The Vaudaire

Located at: Camping path 7, 1007 Lausanne
Phone Number: 021 625 40 46

The Vaudaire is set in a unique and picturesque location in the center of the Bourget park before the lake and offers an amazing view of the Alps. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list, giving their guests plenty of choices. They are known for serving tasty and healthy meals and snacks and their staff are simply amazing.

The Vaudaire is more than just a restaurant, it is a place where you'll find good food and remarkable customer service that you can proudly share with your companions. Their team ensures that every guest will get a pleasant and remarkable experience during their stay at The Vaudaire, so you and your date are guaranteed to receive excellent service.

Le Débarcadère

Chemin du Crêt 7 1025 St Sulpice
Phone Number: +41 21 691 61 18

This restaurant near the shores of Lake Geneva serves a nice combination of French and Italian cuisine that will definitely amaze and excite your taste buds. They also have excellent seasonal dishes and a wide selection of wines that you can try. Le Débarcadère provides their guests with a beautiful place to dine where they can feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Aside from the spacious interior, the restaurant also has a nice terrace for guests who want to have their meals outside and enjoy the fresh morning air. Regardless if you are just aiming for a casual dinner or something more special, Le Débarcadère will be fit for any occasion.


Starling Hotel

Located at: Route Cantonale 31, 1025 Saint-Sulpice
Phone Number: +41 21 694 85 85

Starling Hotel has a contemporary interior that speaks of comfort and enjoyment. Their rooms are complete with all the amenities you'll need and will make your stay very comfortable. Starling Hotel has their own bar and restaurant, so you and your Geneva escort don't have to go too far to find great food or have a drink.

The hotel is in a prime location where you can get a spectacular view of Lake Geneva and most of their rooms also offer the same beautiful view. Every room has an exceptional design that aims to please all the hotel's guests. You and your Escort Geneva date might not even want to leave your room after you check in!

Swiss Tech Hotel

Located at: Route Louis-Favre 10b, 1015 Ecublens
Phone Number: + 41 21 694 06 10

Swiss Tech Hotel offers a large number of rooms to choose from. All their rooms have a simple, modern and refined design that will fit the taste of everyone. The interior of the hotel is very neat and simple, and most of the interior details are of crisp and clean lines giving you a place that is well organized and comfortable.

The hotel staff are also very helpful and will attend to your needs as soon as possible. The hotel also have larger rooms if you don't want to feel too confined in a standard size room, allowing you to move around freely. It is also close to several coffee shops and restaurants, which is a great advantage should you and your date decide to hangout and explore the area.


Villa 77

Located at: Route de Chêne 77, 1224 Chêne-Bougeries
Phone Number: +41 22 500 20 08

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Villa 77 is about an hour away from Saint-Sulpice but we can guarantee that you won't mind driving that far when you get to see their stunning ladies. The girls of Villa 77 are experts in giving pleasure and we know that you and your Escort Geneva date will have a wonderful time with them!

The opportunity to make your stay at Saint-Sulpice greatly satisfying and remarkable is in your hands. Contact us now at Escort Geneva and don't miss this chance!

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