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Find exciting things to do in Morges with your Escort Geneva companion.

Your trip to Morges could be a personal vacation or it could be a stop for a business trip. Either way, you have the opportunity to have the time of your life during your stay. We've put together a comprehensive list of the places you absolutely must visit while you're in Morges; as well as some suggestions of nearby areas if you feel like exploring even more!

Make your trip even better with a companion that will show you around and keep you smiling. Our lovely escorts are the perfect guides. They will accompany you everywhere you desire. Take your time to explore the beautiful parts of Switzerland, next to a beautiful woman.


Because you are next to a high-class, beautiful woman, you need a meal that is the same. Maybe you went out on a date and want something to eat but you don't know where. We recommend the following place:


Le Gallion

Address: Rue Louis de Savoie 32, Morges, Switzerland

This is an excellent Portuguese restaurant with great food and service. If you chose to go here with your Geneva escort just keep in mind that you have to make a reservation.

Restaurant du Club Nautique

This is also a great little restaurant for you and your date, a perfect place to get a nice lunch on a sunny day.


If you're looking to just have a few drinks and socialize, there are some great bars to visit in the area. Some of our favorites:


Address- Grand- Rue 18

1110 Morges

This is a wonderful wine bar. If you're a fan of high quality wine, enjoy a glass or two with your Escort Geneva date.


Address- Av. De Mon-Repos 3

1005 Lausanne

Phone- +41 21 323 22 33

This is a wonderful bar, a very nice and quiet place with a very relaxing environment


If you want to spice up things with your date and dance all night long, clubs are a great way to do so.

Tube Club

Address- Rue Centrale 27

1110 Morges

If you love , Tube Club is a great place. High quality services and drinks, dance music, and it offers you everything for a wonderful night with your date.


After a long day with your Geneva Escort you probably want to go somewhere private.

Hostellerie Le Petit Manoir

Address- Avenue Paderewski 8, Morges 1110, Switzerland

This hotel offers everything from high quality service to having a great time. In this hotel you will find more couples than families and it is a great place for you and your date.


Geneva is a wonderful and beautiful place. Our Geneva Escorts can assist you in Geneva as well. But if you are in Geneva, you need to know where to go.


Le Chat-Botte

Address- 13 quai du Mont-Blanc, Geneva 1201, Switzerland (Mont-Blanc)

Phone number: +41 227166920

This restaurant is a great location for a nice dinner, located at the Beau Rivage hotel. The food and service are excellent, with an extensive menu sure to satisfy your cravings.

Bistrot Du Boeuf Rouge

Address- 17 rue Alfred-Vincent, Les Pâquis, Geneva, 1201

Phone- 022/7327537

If you want something cozy and quiet, we recommend Bistrot Du Boeuf Rouge. It is a great place for you and your Geneva escort. This is a French restaurant, with the small cluttered dining room filled with Art Nouveau posters, glass panels, and wood paneling that provide a sense of privacy. This is a great way to have some privacy with your beautiful date.


La Clémence

Address- Place du Bourg-de-Four 20, Old Town, Geneva, 1204, Switzerland

Phone: (022) 312 2498

Maybe you feel like grabbing a drink after your meal. If you prefer to chat with your date, we recommend La Clémence. This is a tiny bar, very quiet and private. If you come here in summer, the outdoor terrace is a great place where you can relax and enjoy a nice, cold drink. If you come here in winter, this bar becomes more of a hang-out place which is perfect for you and your date.

Le Verre à Monique

Address: Rue des Savoises 19, Bains, Geneva, 1205, Switzerland

Phone: (022) 320 2307

If you like drinking cocktails, you will love Le Verre à Monique. This bar is located on the more artsy district of Geneva. This bar proves that the city has class. The cocktails are served by professional mixers.

Rooftop 42

Address: Rue du Rhône 42, Geneva, 1204, Switzerland

Phone: (022) 346 7700

A beautiful view can be the perfect addition to a date. This newly opened bar is located of the rooftop of Rue du Rhône. You will have to take the elevator to the top. This is a great looking bar with an outside terrace, live music, food from sushi to burgers and luxurious drinks. It also has one of the best views in Geneva.


So after a long and pleasant day with your date, it is time to go somewhere more private. We advise you to try out Hotel N'vy.

Hotel N'vy

Address- 18 Rue de Richemont, Geneva 1202, Switzerland (Le Prieuré)

The hotel has a very modern and colorful décor. You are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner and the professional staff will make you feel at home. Being next to a beautiful lady you deserve a beautiful and high-quality hotel.


Our beautiful Geneva Escorts can assist you anywhere. If you are in Zurich and you decided to be accompanied by one of our many Geneva Escorts you might want to consider the following places.


EquiTable im Sankt Meinrad

Address: Stauffacherstrasse 163, Zurich 8004, Switzerland (Langstrasse)

Phone: +41 43 534 82 77

This luxurious and beautiful restaurant combines products from commerce with the exotic culinary meals from the south. It offers high quality services and it is a perfect place for a romantic date.

Restaurant Kaisers-Reblaube

Address: Glockengasse 7, 8001 Zurich
Tel. 044 221 21 20, fax 044 221 21 55

This restaurant combines luxury and great tasting foods. This restaurant has three parts: The wine tavern, the Goethe chamber and The garden. The wine tavern offers a wide variety of high quality wines. The combination of warm and straight forward hospitality can make your evening transform in to a classic romantic dinner with your beautiful date. The Goethe chamber, offers an intimate yet an elegant evening. With the high quality hospitality, changing seasonal menu, it offers you the best night yet. The garden offers a cozy and intimate outdoor atmosphere. In summer the garden is available if you want to take dinner outside and enjoy the charming surroundings.


Mars Bar

Address: Neufrankengasse 15

Phone: +41433220377

If you are a straight forward guy and you don't care about the music playing and just want to enjoy a drink and a lovely chat with one of our Geneva escorts, Mars Bar is perfect. It is a nice, private place where you can hang out, listen to some nice music, and have a great time.


Adagio Club

Address- Gotthardstrasse 58002 Zurich

Phone- 41 (0)44 206 36 66

Adagio club is a very nice place. If you want to spice up things with our date, you can dance, drink and have fun. The partying in this club continues for hours and hours. Dance music, soul and funk, and vocal house as well. The club is decided with beautiful chandeliers which are surrounded by thick walls and burning candles. This beautiful and medieval ambience it can provide a truly romantic date.

Amber Club

Address- Banhnhofquai 158001

Phone- +410442220202

The Amber Club provides their customers style. The club has its own special glow, extravagant partying which make for a great combination for a successful nigh out.


After a long and perfect day with your Geneva Escort you to want to go somewhere more private. But where to go? We recommend the Widder Hotel.

Widder Hotel

Address- Rennweg 7, Zurich 8001, Switzerland (Old Town)

This hotel has everything you need. It is located in the city center. You will have the best night of your life in this hotel. It is peaceful, private and quiet. All members of the hotel staff are professional, friendly and they will make you feel important and like you are home.

We know that you will love our Geneva escorts. We are here to provide everything for you; the beautiful girls and the beautiful places for you to explore.

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