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Escort Geneva Shows You How To Have An Unforgettable Trip To Jonction

Jonction is a town that is close to many popular and exceptional establishments in Geneva. It is surrounded by many places that you'll enjoy visiting during your stay, especially when you have a wonderful companion to explore these places with.

We, at Escort Geneva, have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that everyone who visits Jonction gets a fantastic experience to make them come back and share their memories with us again. Let us show you how we can make your stay a remarkable and satisfying one by letting our lovely escorts take you to the popular events and party scenes around town. We have listed a few of our recommendations below to help you decide where you wish to go first.


L'Aquarium Café

Located at: Avenue de la Jonction 5, 1205 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 329 43 34

If you want to start your trip by doing something fun and entertaining, ask your date to take you to L'Aquarium Café. You and your Escort Geneva date can have some coffee or get some drinks while you enjoy each other's company. This cafe is also open from Monday through Friday, so nothing will stop you from having fun, even during weekdays. The cafe also serves breakfast and lunch, so feel free to give their appetizing meals a try.

They also have a karaoke bar where you and your date can sing and dance your heart out. We are pretty sure that our girls will amaze you with how good and talented they are! This cafe promises to allow you and your Escort Geneva date to bond and have some quality time while enjoying the fantastic meals served at L'Aquarium Café.

La Cave Valaisanne Chalet Suisse

Located at: Rond-point de la Jonction 6, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 329 42 98

This huge restaurant is one of the favorite spots of many locals in Jonction. La Cave Vailaisanne has become popular not only to the locals but also to many foreign visitors, not only for their food but also for the beauty of the venue. The restaurant has a huge, classic and elegant interior that offers a nice and comfortable atmosphere. The entire staff are also very helpful and friendly. They make sure that your food gets served quickly and will always welcome you to la Cave Valaisanne with a smile.

You and your date should try their cheese and meat fondue, which is one of the best you'll ever find, and match them with the best wine you can choose from their extensive list. You and your date can choose to dine inside the restaurant or you can ask for your meals to be served in their huge shaded terrace if you prefer!

Lady Godiva English Pub

Located at: Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 53, 1205 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 328 23 00

If you are in the mood for drinks, Lady Godiva will provide you and your Escort Geneva date with lots of drink selections. They have several draft beers and an extensive drink menu. The pub also has a big screen where you can watch some sports to keep you entertained.

This place is one of the most exclusive and classy pubs in the area that will give you and your date a private and intimate space to get to know each other and talk about interesting things. Lady Godiva is one of our favorite pubs around Jonction because it is very accessible and is located in a prime location. From the pub, you'll get a nice view of the busy Geneva streets and it is also close to hotels, restaurants and other tourist spots.


Harmonie Jasari & Cie

Boulevard de Saint-Georges 1, 1205 Genève
Phone Number: 022 321 6402

This restaurant is just a few blocks away from Jonction, so it would probably take you and your Escort Geneva date about 5 minutes to get there. Harmonie is a big and nice pizzeria that serves mouthwatering meals. The restaurant strives to maintain their great reputation of providing people with good food that are made and presented beautifully and filled with distinct flavors. The hotel's design and the quality of their food will make you feel like they are taking you the heart of Italy to find the best Italian dishes.

Harmonie Jasari & Cie has been pleasing patrons for many years and we believe that you will get to appreciate them just like everyone else. Ask your Escort Geneva date to join you for a nice lunch or dinner at Harmonie and share the magic that this restaurant holds.

Restaurant Café Gallay

Boulevard de Saint-Georges 42 1205 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 321 00 35

Take a quick ride to Saint George and find Restaurant Cafe Gallay. This restaurant is very close to Junction which makes it almost like a part of it. This stylish and classy restaurant will guarantee that you and your Escort Geneva date will get a superb dining experience. The restaurant serves healthy and delectable meals using only the freshest produce available; that's why their meals look very appetizing and have beautiful fresh colors.

You and your date should try their fried beef steak that goes really well with their special sauce and their traditional Mousakka; both are very tasty and delicious. Restaurant Café Gallay also offers their guests a long list of high quality wine to make sure that you fully enjoy your meals. Have a few glasses of their best wine while you and your date prepare yourselves for a more adventurous night ahead!


Starling Residence Geneve

Located at: Route des Acacias 4, 1227 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 304 03 00

This hotel is about 5 minutes away from Jonction. Starling Residences offers their guests with a comfortable place to stay, complete with all the modern comforts that you will need. They provide one of the best deals when it comes to the price and quality of accommodations. Starling even offers their guests with complimentary breakfasts and free upgrades to ensure that they are satisfied all throughout their stay. This hotel will be a nice haven for you and your Escort Geneva date after a long day and night. The hotel is also close to the train station so it will be easy and convenient for you and your date to visit different cities and sights around Jonction.

Let our Escort Geneva ladies take care of you while you are at Jonction and we will make sure that you have a fun and memorable vacation. Contact us at Escort Geneva now so we can make all the proper arrangements for you.

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