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Geneva Escort can offer you the perfect companion for any event. These beautiful and elegant women are ready and waiting to show you the best time of your life. No matter what type of event you have planned, a Geneva escort is certain to make it memorable.

Each unique woman is ready to provide you with an experience you will never forget. Whether you desire a gorgeous woman to accompany you to dinner, a local club, or even just someone to devote all their attention on you over a cup of coffee, we have the perfect match for you.

Is physical intimacy what you crave the most? Allow one of our astonishing women to accompany you to one of many fabulous, luxurious hotels, for a night to remember.

Whatever your lifestyle or desire may be, Geneva Escort has a companion who is happy to oblige. These women offer outstanding, professional service with the ability to meet all your expectations.


If it is a night out you crave, Geneva escort can find the perfect companion to accompany to one of our fabulous local clubs. Enjoy dancing, drinks, and hip music to suite any taste.


Chemin du Verger 5 1800, Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121- 925 790

Located in Vevey, you and your companion can enjoy a wonderful night of excitement and fun at Rapid'dem. Have a drink and enjoy a night of dancing with a gorgeous Geneva escort at your side.

Le Baroque Club

Place de la Fusterie 12, 1204 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4122- 849 8686

For an exceptional night you and your companion may enjoy a night at Le Baroque club. Try this hip and trendy dance club for great drinks and exceptional service.


Rue Arnold Winkelried 4 Geneve

Telephone number: 4122-310 5598

Enjoy an entertaining and lively evening at a local favorite, Shakers. Drinks, dancing and loud music for you and your date to enjoy.


Don't forget to enjoy some a local dining experience. Kick off your adventure with a fabulous dinner with your perfect Geneva escort at one of these fine restaurants.

Brasserie Lipp

Rue de la Confederation 8, 1204 Genève

Telephone Number: 4122- 318 8030

For a an informal dining experience make try Brasserie Lipp. You and your Geneva escort can enjoy French cuisine and seafood.

Restaurant Denis Martin

Rue du chateau 2, 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121- 921 1210

For a romantic dinner with your lovely escort make reservations at Denis Martin. Enjoy gourmet cooking at its very best, with delicious food that will leave you longing for more.

La Veranda

Rue d'ltalie , 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121- 925 0606

This luxurious restaurant is perfect for a delicious traditional meal with your companion. You can enjoy a romantic meal with a wonderful scenic view of the lake, and a garden area for your pleasure.

L'Armailli Vevey Suisse

Rue des Deux-Marches 26, 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121 -921 0950

For a classic relaxed meal try L'Armailli. You and your Geneva Escort can enjoy traditional Italian food, with excellent service from the staff.

Coffee Shops

You and your companion may also like to stop off at one of the local coffee shops. Here you will find a relaxing venue where you can talk over a cup of coffee and dessert.

Café du Port

Rue d'ltalie 23, 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121- 921 2050

Here you and your beautiful Geneva escort can settle in for quiet conversation over a cup of perfectly brewed coffee or cappuccino, while relaxing under a beautiful vine covered terrace.

Boreal Coffee Shop

Rue du stand 60, 1204 Genève

Telephone Number: 4122 -310 6960

This four star coffee shop is certain to please your taste buds. You and your companion can stop here for a cup of espresso and a slice of delicious cake.

Red Light District

For an exciting new experience, allow a Geneva escort to accompany to the Geneva Red Light district. Here you will find something to tantalize all of your senses.

Enjoy the many restaurants and cafes that offer a diverse selection of delicious cuisine. Stop in at one of the pornographic shops or sex shops.

Enjoy gazing upon one of the sexy red light district women, or enjoy drinks and dancing at one of the many clubs.


Maybe you wish for some intimate time alone with your companion. Here you can find several wonderful hotels to accommodate you.

Grand Hotel du Lac

Rue d'ltalie 1, 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4121 -925 0606

If it is elegancy you desire in a hotel, Grand Hotel du Lac is for you. You will discover an exceptional staff with prompt and attentive service. Enjoy a courtyard room with a stunning view of the lake, and all the privacy you desire.

Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Rue d'ltalie 49, Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number : 4121- 923 3200

For a relaxing tranquil hotel, with an amazing view, take your Geneva Escort to stay here at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes. Enjoy some time in the spa, and allow the staff to provide you with every amenity you could need.

Le Laman Hotel

Route de Blonay 20, 1800 Geneva Escorts

Telephone Number: 4122 - 944 3322

Here you and your Geneva escort can enjoy a comfortable and cozy room. You can enjoy plenty of quiet time and privacy, with a friendly staff available to assist you. For fabulous and convenient dinner try their restaurant on the ground floor as well.


If you are one who enjoys marijuana you will be among friends here. Marijuana is decriminalized under 10 grams. You may feel free to partake and enhance your adventures while being accompanied by a Geneva Escort of your choice.

Whatever your heart desires Geneva Escort can provide. Each companion is professional, courteous, and has the desire to be everything you can imagine. Let one of the beautiful Geneva Escorts treat you like you are a king.

You can enjoy a night like the one you have never before dreamed. Enjoy a delicious meal with a woman who can't take her eyes off you. Chitchat over a cup a relaxing cup of coffee, or go all out for a wild night in the Red Light District. No Matter what you can dream up, Geneva Escorts has the perfect match for you.

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