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Make your Dreams come True in Lausanne with Escort Lausanne

When in Lausanne, live like a Swiss: graciously and luxuriously. Escort Geneva will make your stay in the city more perfect than you could ever imagine. Your sole task is to relax and enjoy while a skilled date from Escort Geneva brings you pleasure and satisfaction like you've never felt or imagined. Lausanne is a city with active nightlife and beautiful hotels. Do you want a room with a view? How about a sensual dance in a sex-club? Lausanne has it all - and much, much more.


Enjoy Swiss cuisine from some of the best restaurants in Europe. Lausanne has some great places you should consider for a pleasing lunch or dinner with your lovely date.

Le Vaudois

Contact: +41.21.331.22.22

Address: Place de la Riponne 1, Lausanne 1005

Are you ready for some authentic Swiss cuisine? This restaurant has it for you and your Escort Geneva date - how about a traditional cheese fondue? Or would you prefer some wonderful Swiss pastries for desert? There's no mistaking it: Le Vandois is the place to go for authentic Swiss food, and with your Escort Geneva lady at the table, you'll find the time is even more amazing.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Contact: +41 21 613 33 39

Address: Place du Port 17-19 | Place du Port 17, Lausanne

This fine dining restaurant is a part of the Beau-Rigave Palace Hotel. The hotel is considered to be one of the finest in Europe - the restaurant shares its parent's good reputation. The service and food are both beyond excellence. Visitors enjoy more than eating the food - they're even glad to look at it! You might even find yourself looking away from your lovely company - but her attention will always be on you.


Swiss like to enjoy different cultures through food and drink. You'll find pubs and bars from all over the world in the city, English and Irish, Scottish and French - the gambit is full. Find a place to lean back and relax while you enjoy your Escort Geneva date and share a few wonderful drinks

Bar Tabac

Contact: 41 21 312 33 16

Address: Rue Beau-Sejour 7b, Lausanne

After a long trip there's not much better than a slight drink and a cup of coffee - and this bar knows it. Even if you don't need to relax after lengthy travels you can come here to just relax - and that relaxation will come easily while you're in the presence of a lovely date. The atmosphere is relaxing and the location is great - right in the city centre. Visit Bar Tabac when you need to forget about everything and de-stress with your Escort Geneva lady making sure every tension melts away.

King Size Pub

Contact: +41 21 340 69 77

Address: Rue du Port-franc 16 | Le Flon, Lausanne

Are you looking for a place to drink? Drop by King Size Pub sometime - the live music is pleasant, but not so overwhelming and loud that you won't be able to have conversation with your wonderful date. The pub is large, with plenty of room to sit in private and enjoy some intimate conversations with your wonderful Escort Geneva darling.


There's only one street to keep in mind for partying in Lausanne - Rue de Geneve. This is where all the main clubs are found and it's where everyone goes to dance, drink and have the time of their lives. Escort Geneva will make sure you aren't lost in the crowds or overwhelmed by the sounds; a lovely date will ensure that your night will be exactly as you want it.

MAD Club

Contact: +41 21 340 69 69

Address: Rue de Genève 23, Lausanne

The MAD Club knows how to attract attention. It's on the main partying street of the city; the name rouses people's curiosity and the experiences inside are unforgettable. If you're trying to find it? Well, it's hard to miss: just look for the pink condom. Now you see why it's so famous.

Le Loft Club

Contact: +41 21 311 64 63

Address: Place Bel-Air 1, 1003 Lausanne

There are clubs, and then there are Clubs, and Le Loft Club is THE club of Lausanne. Located on the famous street of Rue ge Geneve, you might be wondering just how you can find it: look for the long line. It's the hottest place in the city, and you'll feel the atmosphere even hotter when you arrive with your lovely date for the night.


The best fun of your night will be with your Escort Geneva lady - but you might still consider a quick visit to one of the city's sex clubs for an interesting end to a pleasant evening. Lausanne has many, all of which are there and ready to prepare you for the special night ahead.


Contact: +41 21 312 09 20

Address: Rue du Grand-Chêne 7, 1003 Lausanne

Every man has a dream - to sit among the company of many beautiful and attentive women. Brummel is the place to see that dream come true, and if you allow an Escort Geneva date to steer the wheel, you'll watch as your troubles and stresses simply melt away. Enjoy sensual dances and careful attentions.


Contact: +41216250580

Address: Chemin du Martinet 8, 1007 Lausanne

One of the largest sex clubs in the city, Anaconda can offer you a night of pleasure and enjoyment. The many services the club offers will make sure to leave you pleased - and your Escort Geneva date will be pleased by your satisfaction and her involvement.


Ay perfect day ends with a sensual and heated night in bed - after you enjoy all the partying and clubs that Lausanne has to offer, it's time for the real fun to begin.

Le Chateau d'Ouchy

Contact: +4121 331 32 32

Address: Place du Port 2, Lausanne 1000

You won't have to worry about any outside noise or painful distractions while you spend the night here - it's too far to hear any street noise and the only sights you'll care about while there: the view of the lovely lake glittering in the night, the towering peaks of the Alps in the distance, and the gentle attentions of your loving date.

Lausanne Palace & Spa

Contact: +41 21 331 31 31

Address: Rue Grand-Chene 7 - 9, Lausanne 1002

While you're enjoying your day in Lausanne, why not drop by the palace with your date and make it the experience of a lifetime? Quality, class and excellence - all words that describe the hotel perfectly. Even the cheaper rooms are utterly massive to give you privacy and room while you spend some time with your Escort Geneva date. If you were looking for the recipe of perfection, then you have found it.

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