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Escort Geneva Invites You to Have the Best Day Of Your Life

What would you need to spend a perfect day and night in Geneva? Escort Geneva alone is more than enough - but you might want to visit some places together with your Geneva escort, just to make sure you and your company enjoy every second of your time together. We offer you a useful guide for places to visit when spending the day with Escort Geneva.

Bars and Bistros

Geneva is full of relaxing places where you can drink coffee after the flight and get to know the locals. Many of the cafes in the city have terraces and offer a view of the beautiful lake. We suggest you visit the café Arthur's Rivegauche or the English pub Pickwick together with your Geneva escort.

Pickwick pub

Phone number: +41 22 731 67 97

Address: Rue de Lausanne 80, CH-1202 Genève

Escort Geneva loves having a drink or two in a traditional English pub, and when you're in Geneva, you can't miss the largest and oldest one in the country. Pickwick is a perfect place to enjoy having a traditional English lager, stout or cider. The place is huge, and chances are high that you will find a free private corner to relax with your Geneva escort. Pickwick is a place for partying, as well, so consider it the perfect warm-up before you head to a nightclub.

Arthur's Rivegauche

Phone number: +41 22 810 32 60

Address: Rue du Rhône 7, 1204 Genève

This is a place you must go if you need to take some time and unwind. Seated next to the river the cafe offers a nice view of Lake Geneva. Find a free table on the terrace and leave the rest to your lovely date from Escort Geneva. You can have a meal or drink coffee - or both! Either way, enjoyment is guaranteed, especially when the company is so good.


Geneva is a city of great cuisine. You can find French, Italian, and English dishes prepared in traditional way with the original ingredients. When it's time for lunch, have a Swiss fondue together with your Geneva escort in one of the best places in the city.

Brasserie Lipp

Contact : (022) 318 80 30

Address: 8 Rue de la Confederation, 1204 Geneva

Brasserie Lipp has a great reputation for lunch with a date - it's where people come to get a good meal and have a good time, and as it's even open on Sundays, you'll be able to come here with your Escort Geneva date on any day of the week to enjoy a meal and some pleasant conversation.

Chez Jacky

Contact: 022-732-8680

Address: 9-11 Rue Necker, Geneva

There's nothing better than a beautiful French dinner alongside even more gorgeous company. Chef Jacky is a French restaurant in the city that serves flavourful and original French cuisine, and accompanied by the excellent service, you'll step out of the door with a smile on your face and a happy date on your arm.

Sex Clubs

The city contains several amazing cabarets and clubs - and your Escort Geneva date will be happy to show you the sights they have to offer.

Crazy Paradise

Contact: +41 22 310 29 39

Address: Rue de la Rôtisserie 2, 1204 Genève

Geneva is filled with modern cabarets and nightclubs - and Crazy Paradise, located in the city centre, is ready to give you more than a taste. Shows run six days - Monday to Saturday - during the week, and start at 9:30pm lasting until 5:00am - more than enough time for you and your date to enjoy each other's company and the sight of sensual dances.

Mille et une nuits

Contact: +41 22 732 00 32

Address: 2, rue Rousseau, 1202 Geneve

Located in downtown Geneva, this sex club has been around for more than 15 years and serving customers and visitors alike a smile - shows begin at 9:00pm and last until dawn at around 5 in the morning. Your already heated afternoon with a lovely Escort Geneva date on your arm can only heat up from here!

Night clubs

Geneva escorts are excellent dancers, and when they're dancing the night away by your side you'll know it. Many clubs in Geneva offer additional entertainment - and if you want to see the night life, you can't miss some of these clubs.

The Pussy Cat Club

Contact : +41 22 736 15 00
Address: Rue des Glacis-de-Rive 17, 1207 Genève

Located right in the centre of the city, The Pussy Cat Club promises exciting nights and happy customers. Sex shows from 11pm and onward can be viewed from private rooms - either with your Geneva escort or with even more company to keep you comfortable.

The Velvet Club

Contact : +41 22 735 00 00

Address: Rue du Jeu-de-l'Arc 7, 1207 Genève

This nightclub has been creating great times for more than 25 years - locals and tourists alike love it! Enjoy your night accompanied by your Escort Geneva date, and on your arm she'll ensure everything is even better. A great atmosphere and a large smoking room means you will enjoy your time at The Velvet Club.


When most people are off to bed and ready to sleep, the night has only just begun for you and your lovely Escort Geneva date. No matter where you go, these girls will give you the best night in your life. Here are some of the best hotels in Geneva.

Eastwest Hotel

Contact: + 41 22 708 17 17

Address: 6, Rue des Paquis, CH-1201 Geneve

The hotel is situated close to Lake Geneva - and we at Escort Geneva recommend a room on one of the upper floors, not only giving you the best view of the city and the lake but ensuring you don't catch the sounds of the city. Let Escort Geneva join you to make sure everything remains perfect.

Whistle Metropole Geneva

Contact: +41 22 318 32 00
Address: Quai du Général-Guisan 34, 1204 Genève,

This five-star hotel also has a view of Lake Geneva - and between the 111 guest rooms and 16 luxurious suits you can count on having an exciting evening and a restful sleep. Escort Geneva is here to make sure you never forget that night spent in Swissotel Metropole.

This helpful advice should be enough to ensure you have the time of your life while in Geneva. It's time to leave your constructed reality behind and start living your dreams. Escort Geneva is your best companion when it comes to enjoying life - and all you need to do is contact us and prepare to live your dreams.

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