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Escort Geneva Explains Why Your Visit To Dully Could Be Your Best Vacation Ever...

The best way to enjoy your trip to Dully is to have a beautiful and entertaining companion who knows all the best places to have unparalleled fun. We know that every trip to our beautiful city should be an unforgettable memory and that is why we want you to make our girls a huge part of your vacation.

Let our girls offer you new experiences and show you how to enjoy your stay at Dully in every possible way!


Café du Raisin, Marie José Defferrard

Located at: Grand'Rue 26, 1268 Begnins, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 366 16 18

Café du Raisin is a cafe and restaurant located in a town near Dully. The place is established to create a light and relaxing environment for people who want to enjoy the company of their friends and families over a nice cup of tea or a hot and delicious meal. The cafe also has an extensive selection of wines that you can share with someone special like your lovely Escort Geneva date. It is a great place to meet new people and just unwind.

The cafe proudly offers their guests with carefully crafted and delicious meals that are popular not only in Begnins but also in other nearby cities such as Dully, too. Their food goes very well with any type of drink so you can pick a great wine to match your meal and spend a nice morning with your Escort Geneva date on the cafe's shaded terrace.

Cave Beetschen

Located at: Route de l'Etraz 6, 183 Bursins
Phone Number: +41 21 824 10 56

Feel free to express how much you love wines and visit Cave Beetschen with your Escort Geneva date. This place is the perfect location to find the best wines for you and your date to try. The bar's interior is very modern and comfortable which you will definitely find inviting and relaxing. They offer very comfortable seats where you and your date can get close and cozy while you have a few glasses of the bar's finest wine. They also serve delicious appetizers and tapas that go smoothly with any wine you and your date will pick. It is open from mMonday to Friday, so you can quickly ask your date to come with you right after one of your business meetings in town!


L'Auberge de Dully

Located at: Place du Village 9, 1195 Dully
Phone Number: +41 21 824 11 49

This countryside restaurant offers a refreshing view and simply delicious home-made recipes of great quality. They have their own vegetable garden, where they get most of the ingredients for their dishes, which you can see from the restaurants huge and shaded terrace. L'Auberge de Dully has been serving simple yet savory meals for over 40 years and people from the city cannot deny how much they love visiting this place, especially because of their excellent food.

They are also close to some tourist attractions and are near the beaches of Dully and Rolle. L'Auberge de Dullyis famous for their mouth watering pork pies and roasted chicken that you should definitely try. Visit this place with your Escort Geneva date for a tasty meal after a nice time at the theatre or after taking a tour around town.

Restaurant Le 14

Located at: Chemin du Lavasson 14, 1196 Gland
Phone Number: +41 22 308 14 20

Restaurant Le 14 is a huge pizza place in Gland, which is one of the popular cities close to Dully. The restaurant's interior is simple and neat. Nothing is too extravagant about this place, however this is where you'll find one of the best pizzerias in the area. You and your date will love the nice aroma of fresh pizza and will be invited to stay longer for a few more glasses of wine.

The restaurant has a covered outdoor patio that offers a nice view of a park and the vineyard, and will provide you a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. It is a good place to go to if you want to skip the busy city for a while and find a place where you can spend quality time with your Escort Geneva date. You and your date can talk about anything under the sun and plan all the things you want to do for the rest of your stay at Dully.


Hôtel La Clef d'Or

Located at: Route du Village 26, 1195 Bursinel
Phone Number: +41 21 824 11 06

This simple hotel offers almost all the comforts and luxury that you'll find in other top rated hotels but at a very reasonable cost. If you want to stay somewhere nice and comfy without having to pay too much for a room, then La Clef d'Or is the best find. They have large rooms equipped with their own spacious bathrooms. All rooms are uniquely and stylishly designed to make sure that they provide their guests with a lovely accommodation that is worth their money. You and your date can enjoy a great view of the lake from your rooms every morning and can get a nice, hot meal before you hit the road.

La Barcarolle

Located at: Route de Promenthoux 8, 1197 Prangins
Phone Number: +41 22 365 78 78

If you want a more luxurious hotel where you can have both your business meetings and pleasurable encounters with our Escort Geneva ladies, then La Barcarolle is our best recommendation. La Barcarolle has spacious rooms with very classy and and elegant designs, and are complete with all the amenities that you will need.

This hotel is about 10 minutes away from Dully and only half an hour away from Geneva, should you and your date decide to find a nice marijuana bar in the city. The hotel has its own restaurant and is proud to present their newly opened beach bar to their guests. The hotel's beach bar offers a huge selection of cocktails, champagne, wines and other drinks that you must try. Have a drink or two with your date by the lake and enjoy the company of each other.


Club Diamant

Located at: Barfüsserplatz, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 79 649 43 80

If you wish to have a completely satisfying stay at Dully, then you shouldn't miss the chance of visiting one of the most popular erotic clubs around town. Club Diamant has employed women from different parts of the world who will give you the best time of your life. These ladies will be happy to be a great part in fulfilling your fantasies and will share an amazing memory with you and your Escort Geneva date!

With the company of our ladies, you will never have to hide your fantasies, every Escort Geneva girl will be happy to make your dreams come true.

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