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Escort Geneva's Guide To Bursinel Will Turn This Small Town Into The Best Time Of Your Life

In the district of Nyon in Switzerland rests a small municipality by the name Bursinel. The municipality is situated on a small elevation above Lake Geneva, with close to a third of its small population being foreign nationals. The majority in the municipality speak French, with German coming in a distant second and English following thereafter.

Its population provides a mix of natural beauty, eroticism, intellect and female sensuality with a combination of youngness, class and culture. Just like any other city in Switzerland, Bursinel provides a promising getaway for tourists and foreigners who want to relax and have a good time, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Escort Geneva would like to help everyone unravel the secret treasures of the municipality by providing you with our Geneva escorts of impeccable character for companionship to any social event.

These women radiate so much happiness and are willing to offer you services that will drive your wildest dreams and desires to the edge. Thus, no matter what events and activities you had planned for, Geneva escorts are there to make it a memorable experience. And in the event that you need company to social events and don't know where to go, they are there to ensure that your experience around Bursinel is ecstatic.

Let the ladies of Escort Geneva share this memorable experience with you and allow them to take you to some of the fun getaways we have listed for you.


Due to Bursinel being fairly small, it does not enjoy the vast types of big hotels like in the cities. Though not as fancy, the hotels provide a tranquil environment for you and your Geneva escort to enjoy your time together.

Hotel La Clef D'or

Address: Rue du Village 26, Bursinel, Nyon District 1195, Switzerland

Phone: +41(0)21-824 1106

It's located in the wine-growing areas of Bursinel, easily accessible between Lausanne and Geneva by motorway. Its modern rooms feature a minibar, flat screen and a bathroom. Most rooms offer a panoramic view of Lake Geneva, the Jura Mountains and the foothills of the Alps. Guests can dine on the restaurant terrace or enjoy their beverages at the hotel's café. This provides a desirable venue for you and your Geneva escort to cuddle and flirt with each other before setting off to bed.

De la Plage

Address: Chemin d la Falaise, 1196 Gland

Phone: +41(0)22-364 1035

This hotel is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. It features a restaurant that serves local fish specialties as well as a private beach. Also available is free WIFI. Each room is equipped with a flat screen with cable channels, a shower and a telephone line. Its large terraces facing the lake can fit a large gathering of guests during their meal time and guests are served breakfast every morning. The hotel has special amenities such as a private boat and a children's playground; and it's only 5km away from the Golf Club Domaine Imperial golf course. This hotel provides a great getaway for you and your lovely date to enjoy each other's company.


A La Clef D'or

Address: Rue du Village 26, Bursinel, Nyon District 1195, Switzerland

Phone: +41(0)21-824 1106

This French restaurant has a wonderful view of Lake Geneva. Their legendary cassoulet is worth mentioning and their service is impeccable. The easygoing ambiance around the restaurant outdoes most Michelin-starred restaurants within the region. This is a great spot for you and your Escort Geneva date to start a nice and romantic evening together.

Sunset Restaurant

Address: Rue Saint-Léger 31205 Geneva, Genève, Suisse

Phone: +4122-320 1513

For vegetarians, this restaurant provides you with mouthwatering delicacies. Their vegetarian offering includes delicious salads as well as organic options. It has a friendly atmosphere and usually fills up at noon. There is a wide selection of pitas stuffed with mushrooms, salads, cheese and avocado. The have a special vegetable lasagna served with carrot and ginger juice that is amazing. This restaurant provides a perfect ambiance for you and your Escort Geneva beauty to chat over a bit to eat. The delicious food will surely keep a smile on both your faces.


Le Café du Marché

Address: Le Café du Marché, Rue du Marché 3, 1260 Nyon

Phone: 0223624979

It is located near the city centre, right in the heart of Nyon, on "la rue du Marche". The coffee shop/wine bar has a warm environment that has retained its old features. The coffee shop is famously known for its frescos and has a contemporary and international menu interspersed with classical dishes all based around fresh local produce. Keep in mind they are usually closed on Sundays and Mondays. This coffee shop will provide a new experience for you as you sample the delicious wine with a beautiful companion by your side.


Fisherman's Pub

The bar is located in Nyon behind the streets overlooking Lake Geneva and is mostly visited by English speaking people. Smoking is prohibited, thus you will not have a problem with cigarette smoke (if you do not smoke). The bar has a dart board, great for breaking the ice and having some relaxed fun as you drink and chat with your date. Your favorite drinks can be found and you can also sample new beverages at reasonable prices. The bar also provides light snacks to go along with your beer. This pub provides an environment that will make it easy for your date to to enjoy each other's company, have some laughs, and look forward to the rest of the night.

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