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When Visiting Buchillon, Go Straight To Where To Fun & Excitement Is

Experience the lively and glorious days and nights offered by our amazing city. Buchillon is one of the cities located close to Geneva, so it will be easy for you to find the best party and hangout places in town. Make other guys envy you while you check out every bar, cafe or restaurant in the area with a stunning and gorgeous lady on your arm. Let our Escort Geneva girls help you explore the whole city and take you to our highly recommended, top rated establishments in town.


Cafe Du Simplon

Located at: Rue du Simplon 17, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 616 31 04

Cafe Du Simplon is located in Luasanne, one of the neighboring cities of Buchillon. The cafe works very hard to make sure that they serve their guests with good quality food, freshly made by their excellent kitchen staff. They get the fishes delivered everyday, and they also only use high quality meat and produce. They have a variety of delectable dishes that you can find on their menu and they also have a nice selection of vegetarian meals. They'll serve you a good cup of warm coffee in the cafe's terrace where you can enjoy a nice smoke with your date. There are many marijuana bars you and your Escort Geneva date can find, so it wouldn't be difficult to get a high quality smoke at affordable prices.

Le Lapin Vert Rock Bar

Located at Ruelle du Lapin-Vert 2, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 312 13 17

If you want a more action packed location, you and your Escort Geneva date should go to the Lapin Vert Rock Bar. This cafe-bar in Lausanne is one of the most popular party places in the area where you can mingle and rub shoulders with many locals and fellow tourists who want to party hard. The place was established in the 50s but it never went out of style and is still successfully providing a fun location to listen to great music and have a fantastic time. They have a long list of quality drinks and their experienced bartenders can create any drink you and your date might ask for. The bar is spacious and provides a lot of seating, so guests can easily choose where they want to sit. The bar also features young, local bands to perform and entertain their guests, so you and your date will definitely have a blast at the Lapin Vert.


Restaurant Au Vieux Navire

Located at: Rue du Village, 1164 Buchillon env. Etoy, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 807 39 63

Restaurant Au Vieux Navire is located along the shores of the Leman Lake. It is one of the finest restaurants in Buchillon and you will certainly impress your Escort Amsterdam date if you take her there. The restaurant has a large terrace that offers a magnificent view and a warm, intimate atmosphere. Let your Escort Geneva date share a private and romantic moment with you while you appreciate the wonderful view provided by this restaurant. Restaurant Au Vieux Navire offers traditional dishes and is known for serving the best Perch Fillet in Buchillon. Try some of the irresistible and delicious specialties of Buchillion and be served and treated like a king at Restaurant Au Vieux Navire.

Restaurant Du Casino

Located at: Rue du Port 15, 1180 Rolle
Phone Number: +41 21 825 14 40

This place is a contemporary restaurant that offers traditional Swiss cuisine. It is set in a very beautiful location near the lake and offers a great view of the Alps and the Isle de la Harpe. Restaurant Du Casino has a large terrace where you can and your Escort Geneva date can enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, the fresh air and the good food that this place serves. It is a great place where people can get together with their friends and families to share a sumptuous meal. It is close to some famous tourist attractions and you and your Escort Geneva date can take a walk from the port to the Castle of Role. The amazing scenery and the calming view of the lake, combined with the wit and entertaining stories of your Escort Geneva date, will take away all your worries and will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Lunika Hotel

Located at: Route Suisse 3, 1163 Etoy
Phone Number: +41 21 821 84 21

Lunika Hotel is a simple and cost effective hotel that will offer you a clean and lovely accommodation without spending too much. They have a small bar and restaurant onsite which is an advantage if you are not in the mood to go out yet want something good to eat. Their rooms are well-kept and spacious, so you will feel really comfortable staying at this hotel. Their friendly staff will attend to your requests quickly, will always be able to answer your inquiries and will be happy to recommend the best places to go to while you are staying at Buchillon. You and your Escort Geneva date can either enjoy the comforts of your lovely room at Lunika Hotel or you can check out the nearest party places in town and grab some nice quality hash to share.

Hotel La Longeraie

Located at: Route de la Longeraie, 1110 Morges
Phone Number: +41 21 804 64 00

This 3 star hotel in Morges is about 15 minutes away from Buchillion. We are suggesting this hotel because it is in a quiet and peaceful location that will help ease all your stress. Your trip to Buchillon should be as smooth as possible, that's why we want you to find a relaxing accommodation with a serene and calm atmosphere. This hotel is surrounded by trees, so you and your date will get a breeze of fresh air every morning. They also have their own restaurant where you can get yourselves a nice cup of coffee and a delightful breakfast before you head to the popular tourist hotspots in Geneva and other nearby cities!


Cosy Club Sàrl

Located at: Rue des Savoises 7, CH-1205 Geneva
Phone Number: +41 22 320 70 70

This club is an exclusive gentleman's club that you will find in the center of Geneva and is one of the closest sex clubs you'll find near Buchillon. If you want to have a hot and fun night during your stay at Buchillon, then you shouldn't miss visiting one of the hottest sex club in town! Your Escort Geneva date will be happy to take you to this club and join you for a wild night of fun and pleasure. Cosy Club offers the expertise of many beautiful girls who are known for their amazing talents and extraordinary performances.

Our Escort Geneva girls will satisfy all your days and nights at Buchillon and are more than enough to make your trip worth it. Call us at Escort Geneva now so we can arrange a date for you and one of our lovely ladies of your choice.

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