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Escort description and story for Alice

You may have heard the story of Alice in Wonderland - and now with Geneva Escort, you can experience it firsthand. Alice is one of our younger escorts and she's still learning the ropes of the industry, but she has the looks. Her honey blonde hair and incredible eyes will leave you wondering and the rest of her body will leave you wanting more. Alice is shyer than some of the other girls because of her newness to the industry, but her quite side is what makes her appealing - perhaps you can coax out her wilder side.

If you prefer a woman in need of a lesson, and you have a dominant personality, then Alice is the girl for you. She is more reserved, which gives her a sense of mystery and wonder. She is a great listener and enjoys taking in the people around her. She has a smile that could take your breath away and she doesn't need to say much at all to make people interested in what she has to say. She loves athletics and believes in treating her body like a temple - one that needs to be discovered. Don't let her passive personality worry you. Behind closed doors is where the mystery of Alice lies, and that will keep you coming back for more.

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Alice has an interest in outdoor activities, but she also enjoys the finer things in life. She would make the perfect dinner acquaintance, especially for someone who wants to take a load off and relax, and her athletic body makes her an ideal companion for someone who prefers some hotter outdoor activities. Alice may be inexperienced in the industry, but she is not inexperienced when the sun goes down, something which has built her reputation for mystery. A girl like this is very busy, so book Alice now or you may miss out!

Alice sitting on bed wearing white shirt and black workout pants
Topless Alice wearing black athletic pants sitting on bed
Naked Alice sitting with legs spread on bed
Alice squatting nude with legs spread on tippy toes
Alice on hands and knees in doggy style position completely nude
Naked Alice crouching down on bed with butt facing camera
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