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Geneva Escort Proudly Presents Alessandra's Photos

Geneva Escort is proud to present its belle of the ball: Alessandra. Alessandra is by far the most successful girl available in the industry. She is smart and she knows how to handle business - literally. She used to own her own chain of businesses, but gave it all up to live the exciting life of a Geneva Escort; she enjoys the thrill of being in control and on top.

Alessandra is a real risk taker - not the sort of adrenaline junkie, buts someone who enjoys financials, planning, and everything and anything that has to do with running a business. When she worked for herself, she told hundreds of people what to do on an everyday basis and she took risks for her company's success. Alessandra might be turned on by an adrenaline rush, but she has the maturity to know where to draw the line. She is a mature woman, learned, and has no problem keeping up in conversation and learning new things. She loves travel, animals, and has been known to have expensive tastes.

Grab This Chance To Spend Time With Alessandra

Alessandra is one of our more experienced girls, so before you book her, make sure you can handle a woman of her caliber. Alessandra is a fine glass of wine that has class and should only be drank by those who are experienced and know how to keep a woman satisfied and pleased. She makes the perfect travel companion, can hold her own at any business function and her sweet demeanor is also great for a one-on-one date. Since she knows the business and has been in the game for a while, she has high expectations that need to be met, so if you think you are daring enough to take on such a strong woman, don't wait: book your date with this Geneva Escort today!

Alessandra kneeling on sofa topless wearing only black skirt
Alessandra topless taking black mini skirt off
Alessandra leaning back on couch bare breasted relaxing
Almost nude Alessandra lying down on sofa with clothing around waist
Alessandra kneeling on sofa with bare ass towards camera
Alessandra on knees on bed with see-through clothing around waist
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